Elevator pitch

Come along and travel with us in the elevator and in two minutes we will show you our vision on packaging design!

Strategic model

Together with the Technical University of Delft and Tilburg University we developed a simple strategic design process model to analyse four quadrants: Brand, Product, Consumer and Market. This enables us to create a clearly defined Manifesto. Our Manifesto states in a direct and daring manner what makes a packaging unique. This leads to constructing the right communication hierarchy, tone-of-voice and tone-of-image.


During the design process, we funnel the multitude of options at the start of the process down to that one final solution. To do this, we go through four stages. In each of the four stages we 'diverge' by examining all the likely solutions and then, together with the client, we 'converge' by making the right choices. This is a clear and open process in which we combine our knowledge with that of our client. The first phase is special, we hand sketch. This pushes us into thinking at this stage in broad lines and to keep a wide focus. During the next phases we go further in depth. This process is efficient, involves the client and creates amazing results.


A short course on packaging design

What makes packaging design great? Packaging must meet three criteria: it must stand out; it must say what there is to say clearly; and it must be memorable. Standing out is easy; just do something strange. The trick is to stand out in a positive way. With the right emotion. The balance between creating confidence and creating scepticism is different in every situation. Sometimes you need to take tiny evolutionary steps, sometimes you can do something radical. As long as you don't just do something else but do something in the right direction. This direction is determined by a thorough analysis of what makes the content and the brand so special. And this brings us to point two: saying it clearly. Consumers make their decisions in tenths of seconds. She -most consumers are of the fairer sex- must be able to 'read' our package among hundreds of packages quickly. This means that you have to think carefully about what you want to say, in what order and how. Communicating is like playing catch. If you throw five balls one at a time you will catch them all. But if you throw them all at the same time you won't even catch one. And finally, the packaging needs to be so amazing and identifiable that it not only stands out, but is memorable too. A good concept with a surprising twist. So not what everyone else is doing, but standing out in an individual, authentic way. Packaging design is easy, isn't it? Good luck! Oh, and if you need help, just let us know.



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Design is about humans. It's about the 'click', about understanding each other. Where half a word is enough. So that we are able to turn your thoughts into images. That's why we would like to introduce you to our team of Brummers.

Who are our Brummers?
Click on a Brummer in the image above to know more about Brums staff.

Up and running since 1974

In 1974, Reinier Brummelkamp and Eugene Hoekstra moved into an attic room in the centre of Woerden to start a company in 'graphic and industrial' design. When they were tired of walking the stairs, they moved into a building on the Havenstraat. Work was done differently in those days. The packaging designs were hand painted and the fax was a major innovation.
In 1992, they moved to the Oostdam, into an old commanders house with a balcony and a view over the military exercise field. In those days, moulded ceilings were hugely important for design agencies. The work shifted more and more from the light box to the computer.


In 2006, designers Marcel Wammes and Willem van Roozendaal took over Reinier's and Eugene's shares. Both had worked at the company since the Havenstraat days. In 2009, strategist Pieter Steenaert joined the management too. In 2010 the stately building was traded in for a former printer's building. All the staff members now sit in one large, light space. At the same time, the name was 'chopped' to become the short and strong name that we bear today, Brum.
In 2016, Marcel and Willem said farewell and the agency became entirely in the hands of Pieter Steenaert and designer Tessa Oudijn. This third generation management and 15 employees make Brum an enthusiastic and willful team.



Want to know more about packaging design?
Be surprised. Call Pieter Steenaert or Tessa Oudijn.


Jaap Bijzerweg 21b
3446 CR Woerden

T. +31(0)348 41 26 91

P.O. Box 2192
3440 DD Woerden

KvK: 30157269
BTW: NL817061575.B01


  1. From the A12, take the exit Woerden (14) and follow directions to Woerden Centrum.
  2. At the crossing with traffic lights, drive straight ahead.
    Remember to take the left lane.
  3. Take the next exit to the left towards Jaap Bijzerweg.
  4. As soon as you are on Jaap Bijzerweg, turn left onto the parking space of Brum. You can park at the very end of the terrain, on your right hand side.
Marc is project managerTessa is creative directorAlbert is traffic managerLisa is designerXander is senior designerPieter is strategic directorNancy is senior dtp-erWillem is creative directorJessy is dtp-erMarcel is art directorAuke is bookkeeperVijay is dtp-erSaskia is senior designerMargo is our hostessErik is senior dtp-erEva is designerNinke is projectmanagerdesignerPR manager
Up to 2009, Marc worked for a company that placed underground waste containers. But we hired him because we knew him 20 years before that as a project manager of a large photo studio. He brings order into the chaos that goes hand-in-hand with the 500 proj
We grabbed her as soon as she finished her course at the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht. That was in 2008. She took a course in Brand Management to give a strategic marketing dimension to her work. She developed really fast here at Brum. So fast, that
Albert has been the nerve centre of Brum since 1999. He takes care of the flow of all technically complex issues. And we have plenty of those. He studied cartography and even worked as a butcher. And a mediator. Without a past like this, we of course woul
She stood out immediately when she came to Brum in 2011 to do a placement. In a positive way! She came twice more during the summer holidays, and when the leaves started falling we never let her leave.
After art academy in Rotterdam, he became a packaging and house-style designer. He was the face behind Ziggo's current face. But designing packaging was the thing he liked best. That's why we kidnapped him to Brum in 2011. He's always laid-back but
He studied Industrial Design Engineering at the University of Technology in Delft and worked in marketing for several years. He also earned his Nima C marketing degree. He has been working at Brum since 2003. He is one of the few at Brum who can't make he
After studying graphic design at college, she was thrown into the deep end in an advertising agency. With this experience behind her she was thrown into the deep end in Brum's studio in 2002. She loves the deep. Especially with a dive tank on her back.
After some years at Claessens, dBod and De Wit Coppenhagen, he came to Brum in 1988. And never left. The only thing that left was his hair. His booming laugh has stuck by him and he knows how to inspire many clients and Brummers. He rides a yellow motorbi
She came to Brum immediately after her study in 2012. Jessy knows about dealing with stuff. She grew up on a dairy farm where the work was long and hard. Our clients love this so she is in exactly the right place at Brum.
He started out as an advertising guy but his heart really beat for design. In 1982 he was brought in by Brum to help out for a couple of nights. He now runs the show as one of the owners. Don't confuse him with Marcel Wanders, who doesn't know half about
He is friendliness himself. And that's a good thing because if he phones you, it means there's something wrong. He has made sure since 2007 that we're in the black. If the books tally, he is allowed to go back to pretty Zeeland where his children ar
Since 2010 he leaves south Rotterdam to battle his way to Woerden and work for Brum. As a reliable bloke, he never rests until his work, down to the last detail, is done. As long as there are cheers in the Feyenoord stadium the Kuip, he smiles broadly.
Saskia quickly realised that university was not for her and she went into creative design. She started as a designer in the pre-computer era. But she now knows the latest Adobe tools like the back of her hand. She's good at both 'the big picture'
She is our calling card as she has enthusiastically answered the telephone since 2003 and makes fresh filtered coffee for our visitors. She always finds a cookie too. She also does the administration and makes sure that we have a delicious lunch every day
He has done nothing but accumulate knowledge during his long career. He has worked at Brum since 2007 and can explain in great detail the ins and outs of different printing processes to all newcomers. Whenever he can, he comes to work on his bicycle.
Eva is our walking encyclopedia of food facts. She loves to cook and is a true handy(wo)man. In addition, she can create fantastic watercolors and illustration. Hence, in her designs she likes to combine digital with old-school analogue techniques.
Eva Verbeek
She started her career in teaching where she managed a classroom with 30 young children for a while. Then she switched to marketing. This combination of skills we found perfect to further professionalize project management in Brum. Since 2016 she watches over our planing and budgets.