Brum in brief

Brum designs original, simple and catchy product packaging of great quality. Our designs jump at you from the shelves. Our designs linger in your mind. Our designs communicate the story behind the product in that fraction of a second the consumer makes a choice. Because of this, our packaging sells.

Audaciousness paved our road to success. We put co-creation at the heart of our open process. We employ staff members, not account managers, who enjoy taking responsibility and exploring different options to find the best solution. This is why we are not only more creative, but also more flexible and faster. Our packaging reflects the pleasure we take in creating and working together.

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Packaging Design

Everything at Brum is about packaging design. For most brands, this is their most important marketing tool. More than 70% of all purchase decisions are made in shops in a fraction of a second. Creating a good packaging design is therefore vital, and fun! Apart from design, we know everything about printing processes and packaging techniques. So whatever we dream up will be truly wonderful.

Brand Identity Design

For most brands, the most important way to visualize their identity is through the packaging. We therefore believe that packaging design should not start at our Macs, but by brainstorming with the client. Together we go through our positioning model to clarify what a brand really stands for. As such, we build a strong brand in terms of design.

Structural Design

At Brum, our starting point is to bring a message across. Depending on the case and the possibilities, we use either graphic or 3D solutions. Even if it seems that the structural solutions are limited, we often know how to make the packaging stand out by adding just a small detail.

More than just Packaging

If truth be told, we do not only design packaging. We sometimes design content as well. This way we offer a complete concept and some fresh input. For example, we've developed house styles for various organisations and there are several lorries on the road with our designs printed on them. But don't spread the word as we are and will remain the ultimate packaging designers.

Entrepeneural spirit

In the end, we are entrepreneurs. We know that taking risks can bring you further. This is why we are good at brainstorming and thinking with our clients. Whether you work for a multinational, a family company or for a start-up, you want to get ahead with your ideas. We make sure that your ideas take form, as we too have the entrepreneurial spirit in our blood.


We're working on:

  • Kruidvat
    Always surprising

    I want Bolletje

    Fisherman's Friend
    Take a deep breath

    Garden Pest control with respect for nature

    A royal smoke

  • Creme de la Cream
    Creme de la creme

    3x Better

    Euro Profit
    Not a cent too much

    The new halal

    No-one bakes pancakes like Jan’s mother

  • Dutch Bee
    As sweet as honey

    Wine with body

    Natural Temptation
    Tea with a message

    The desk top toy

    Say cheese!

  • Orange Windmill
    Specialty cheeses of FrieslandCampina

    Dutch sweets with a heart

    Not for the do-it-yourself enthusiast

    Yogho! Yogho!
    Simply the best

    A refreshing can

  • Adventure Food
    Nutrition for the outdoor sportsmen and women

    In the footlights

    Fresh raw design

    Happy dough

    Gouda's Glorie
    Its simple self

  • Phoenix
    A strong beer with a strong story

    Paul's Quinoa
    Sustainable, versatile and nutritious

    Campo Bio

    Nature's Pride
    EAT ME!

    Inspiring fish

  • Sonnema
    The herby Friesian genever


    Design with grip

    From a healthy environment

    So delicious they should be forbidden

  • Jamin

    De Huifkar
    The link between tsars and Sumatra

    Seven Oaks Food
    Big impact, minimal environmental impact

    Van Dijk
    The cookie baking family

    Koninklijke Buisman
    A Dutch view on coffee

  • Creapan
    Belgian pancakes

    Clean in its own way

    Koninklijke Euroma
    Spice it up!

    Villa Chocola
    A house full of chocolate

    Live life, love life

  • PLUS
    The attentive retailer

    La Bio Idea
    Just as delicious as in Italy

    For the real 'slow shaving'

    Best For Your Friend
    Because you want the best for your pet

    Worth your salt

  • The Portion Company
    Great small portions

    Historical liquorice

    Wingman Condoms
    Almost without

    Organic tea

    Christmas Hampers

  • Topking
    Notoriously delicious

    WC Eend
    Ducks under the toilet rim

    Preserves, protects, softens

    Thee van Oordt
    Masters in Tea

    De Groene Jager

  • De IJshoeve




    Weight Care

  • Bello Dolce
    Unique confectionary

    De Blije Boterham
    The happy sandwich

    New Dutch Legacy
    High-tec gin

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