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For a brand to make an impact, it absolutely must be positioned clearly and unequivocally.

You can only add value on the shelf and seduce consumers to make a purchase, if you have total clarity about who you are, what you stand for and what distinguishes you. We are eager to help you accomplish that.


Honing or creating a brand positioning is a search for a balance between trust and disruption. You have to make clear who and what you are (trust) while at the same time distinguishing yourself by adding something remarkable (disruption). That remarkable element has to be a genuinely original expression, truly authentic.

Tell a unique story

For packaging, this all has to be accomplished on a tiny surface, in a busy shopping environment where shoppers make split-second decisions. Which is precisely why it’s essential to leave nothing to chance and communicate very clearly. And you can only do if you have a comprehensive story.


To achieve the perfect positioning, we start with a thorough analysis. We establish the identity and define the objectives. What’s the vision and does the brand have a heritage? We collect insights about the target group, shoppers and the category and we take a very close look at the context in which the brand operates. That might be on the shop floor, but also elsewhere. Who is the competition, what are their brand values? How do shoppers and consumers behave? And, also very importantly, what will all this look like in the future?

The Grand Finale

Finally, we integrate all this information and come up with the one formulation that articulates everything perfectly. That, together with your brand values, communicates a clear promise. Which serves as a reference for the design of your packaging, content and communication and is compelling enough to make an impression on your target group.

A journey together

We feel it’s an incredibly fun process. It’s a hugely important journey, but you don’t know at the outset exactly where it will end. So it’s a real adventure. Exciting!

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