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At Brum, we’re all about designing packaging. Because it’s the most important marketing tool for most brands.

At Brum, we’re all about designing packaging. Because it’s the most important marketing tool for most brands. More than 70% of all purchasing decisions are taken in the shop. In a split second. So it’s very important work, but it’s also great fun. Plus, we’re completely up to speed on all the various printing processes and packaging technologies. This is how our wonderful creations also become beautiful products.

So how do you create a great design?

Packaging has to meet three requirements:

  1. It must attract attention
  2. It must clearly communicate what needs to be told.
  3. It must ensure you are remembered.

1. Attracting attention

Attracting attention is easy, just go nuts. But the trick is to be eye-catching in the right way. Evoking an appropriate emotion. Each situation requires a different balance of trust and disruption. Sometimes you can only take tiny evolutionary steps, other times you can radically shake things up. But change can’t be random, it has to point in the right direction. That direction is determined by thoroughly analysing what distinguishes the content and the brand. Which is also connected to the second requirement:

2. Communicating clearly

The consumer is capable of deciding on a purchase in a fraction of a second. So she (the customer is often queen) must be able to ‘read’ the packaging quickly. That means you have to think very carefully about what you want to communicate, in what order and how. Because communicating is like throwing balls: if someone throws you five balls one by one, you can catch them all, but if they throw them all at once, you won’t catch any of them.

3. Being remembered

Finally, you have to make packaging so striking and original that it not only attracts attention, but also sticks around in people’s minds. A great concept with an unexpected twist. So, not doing what the others are doing, but standing out in an authentic way. Simple, right? We love working this stuff out.

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