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by Autodrop

Cars filled with Sex on the Beach, Mojito, Piña Colada: it sounds like a dangerous combo, but don't worry. With Autodrop Proefritje, you're taking a (non-alcoholic) ride to mocktail-land. How did we ensure that consumers would also hop in?

Autodrop Proefritje

The challenge

Autodrop is seen as the most mature brand in its category. How do you sharpen the positioning of this brand even more? And how do you add more fun?

We searched for a concept through which Autodrop could introduce surprising and on-trend flavors. A platform where new flavors can constantly be added that aren't yet found in the candy aisle. Undoubtedly Autodrop, yet distinctly different from the regular line. As a whole, it stands out so prominently on the shelf that consumers are challenged to try something new.

Autodrop Proefritje 2

The solution: a 'Proefritje' (Test drive)

The overarching concept we've given to the range is named "Proefritje" (test drive): a clever idea that aligns with the brand identity. The design's foundation is based on a comic book grid filled with graphic elements that relate to the theme—in this case, mocktails. For now, it's a line of mocktail 0.0 flavors that you can safely enjoy behind the wheel, but in the future, you can expect many more surprising flavors.

With this lean and adaptable design, we give maximum space to Autodrop's innovation power and speed. As you'd expect from Autodrop, all legal information is playfully integrated into the design. The iconic, brand-specific illustration style is also applied in this concept for a complete 360-degree experience.

What makes the design stand out?

The distinctive aspect lies in the surprising flavors that stand out within the confectionery category. We've linked the 'absurd' Autodrop brand identity in a unique, attention-grabbing way to this special concept. The 360-degree packaging—where the brand and flavor experience are felt at every corner—combined with the colors and comic illustration style completes the whole picture. Additionally, the flip-top box is one of a kind, and the packaging design exudes a certain coolness aimed at young adults. This can only be Autodrop!

Brum design

An awardwinning design

Yes, yes, you read it right: we have a winner! Our design for Autodrop Proefritje won the NL Packaging Award in the Food Shelf-Stable category. Curious about the jury's comments? Here they are:

"According to the jury, this submission is conceptually very strong. A flavor like Piña Colada 0.0 fits perfectly within the brand's entire line. With these exotic flavors, the brand appeals to a new target audience for licorice. The name 'Proefritje' is cleverly chosen. The colors and integrated 360-degree design work well and are completely in line with Autodrop's ethos and current trends. The flavors are well depicted. For instance, Piña Colada 0.0 reflects the colors of a real piña colada. And it's nice that it's placed diagonally on the lid.

The jury finds the execution very well done on such a small box. Vegan, logos, and even when you open the packaging, the design continues seamlessly; everything is coherent and feels like a whole. There's a lot of love and care in this. Very well executed.

The submission is the winner because everything is spot on. The brand aligns with all other subcategories. Autodrop is a well-known brand that manages to tap into a refreshing group. This is achieved through comical elements in both copy and design. The illustrations, typography, texts: everything complements each other. It's clear that a lot of joy went into working on this. However, the jury believes that the packaging could be more sustainable."

Het team

Strategie: Tessa Oudijn
Saskia Berting, Sanne de Wit
Lisa van Diemeren
Artwork: Erik Balke, Vijay Sardjoe

Fotografie: Daan Verschuur
Fred Rietveld
Illustratie: Nick van Oosten

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